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Domain Registration: All About Domain Registration

Summary : On the Internet, your domain name is your identity. Finding the best domain name registration can effect your traffic flow, search engine visibility and the overall success of your site.


On the Internet, your domain name is your identity. Finding the best domain name registration can effect your traffic flow, search engine visibility and the overall success of your site.


Registering a domain means you reserve a specific, unique name for your web site. Most web hosting services also provide domain registration services. Choosing a hosting provider that offers web hosting and domain registration can streamline the process of getting online.


Parts of a Domain Name

A domain name is divided into two parts. The first half identifies the name of the web site. The second usually specifies the type of site. For example, ".com" is for commercial use, ".gov" indicates a governmental site, ".org" is for organizations, etc. There are even domain suffixes specific to countries; ".in" refers to India, and ".uk" is used for the United Kingdom etc.


Finding a Domain Name that Works

The domain name is also an Internet marketing tool. It informs the user about the product or service provided. It is important that a domain name be relevant to a web site's content or purpose. For example, the domain name www.easyequipmentsforu.com does not clearly explain that you sell computer equipment. The type of business associated with this domain name is not easily apparent. You could be selling farm equipment or sewing machines for all the user knows.


Another important aspect of choosing a domain name is its length. Lengthy domain names are hard to remember, and reduce the chances of repeat visits. Even if your web site is useful to a potential client, they are less likely to return if they cannot find you easily.


Other considerations to keep in mind are avoiding spelling variations, and keeping the target audience in mind. The same words in USA and UK are spelled differently, for example, so determine the location of your target surfers audience before settling on a spelling.


It is ideal to use a common or competitive keyword in the domain name or URL. This increases your keyword relevance, helps search engines easily recognize web sites, and yields better ranking. For example, a web site for Australian travel could use the URL www.bestaustraliatravel.com. Try and find a name that closely reflects the nature of your work or business. The end-user should not feel misguided by the name and the actual content of the web site. Both should be in sync.


The main purpose of the domain name is to create clarity and focus in the end-user's mind. When the user reads a domain name or URL, your business should be clear. An ideal domain name is short and memorable. In this way, a good domain name identifies, and markets your site.


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